Simple Solutions to Delivering Value

Helping people and teams find practical starting points for optimizing the way they deliver what their customers want when they want it.

I want to apply Kanban principles and practices effectively in my work

Unlock the power of flow with our Applying Professional Kanban course - your path to smoother, more efficient workflows.

I want to enhance my Scrum practices with flow metrics for better outcomes

Elevate Scrum team events with our Flow Metrics course  optimize workflows for peak performance.

I want to improve predictability and performance of my project delivery

Master the art of predictability with our Metrics for Predictability course - harness data to drive your Kanban success.

I need to manage delivery of multiple projects or portfolio work items

Navigate complexity with ease - our Scaled Portfolio Kanban course empowers you to manage multiple projects seamlessly.

I need to manage the return on the product investments we are making

Learn to leverage flow metrics to actively manage real-time product investment and drive more data driven decision making to accelerate customer feedback.

Private Classes

Booking a private course versus enrolling in a public offering can provide several advantages, especially for organizations looking to train multiple employees or teams. Reach out to our team to be matched with a PKT for your needs.

You can find a digital course brochure for all of our course offerings here