Women In Kanban Scholarship Program

Elevate your career with our women's scholarship program designed to mentor, coach, and certify aspiring female professionals as expert Kanban trainers.

About Our Trainer Community

It is our mission to ensure that people are at the heart of everything we do at ProKanban.org. In addition to creating a safe, inclusive space to learn we want to deconstruct the traditional hierarchy that promotes fear, silence, and insecurity. We aim to build a strong community that lifts each other up by being humble, encouraging, and respectful and holding each other to these norms.

A large part of how we put our mission into action is with the help of our growing community of Professional Kanban Trainers. Our trainers teach approved courses that help teams fully experience how to put kanban into practice through simulation, learning activities, and the practical application of simple metrics.  

Building Diversity – One cohort at a time

We believe that diversity and inclusion are essential for the success of any organization, and we recognize that there is a significant underrepresentation of women, non-binary and transgender individuals in the field of Kanban. Therefore, we are proud to introduce the Women in Kanban Scholarship Programme, an initiative driven by our commitment to empower and support women in their professional growth and development within the Kanban community and become certified as Professional Kanban Trainers (PKTs) with our organization.

The Women in Kanban Scholarship Programme represents our dedication to addressing gender disparity in the field. By offering scholarships specifically tailored to women, we aim to provide them with equal opportunities to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in Kanban. We firmly believe that by empowering women and fostering their participation, we will enhance diversity, enrich perspectives, and ultimately elevate the entire Kanban community.

Through this initiative, we aspire to create a more inclusive and balanced environment within the Kanban community, one where women’s voices are amplified, their contributions are recognized, and their potential is fully realized. Together, let us break down barriers, cultivate talent, and forge a future where equality and diversity thrive within the world of Kanban.

“I am truly grateful to have discovered this amazing group of supporters! Not only do I feel like Kanban is the secret decoder ring I have been searching for there is amazing super hero support to help learn how to use the decoder ring! After all what good is a super power until you really learn how to help others with it?”– Ann K. Brea

Program Requirements & What to Expect


  • Experience as a member or a coach of a Kanban team
  • Experience promoting and supporting kanban as defined in the Kanban Guide
  • Experience providing classroom training and coaching to people/teams using Kanban
  • Must be able to attend a 3-day training, 5 hours each day.

We provide the selected candidates with:

  • Train the Trainer APK course
  • PKI Assessment (95% pass score)
  • Ist year trainer license fee
  • Ongoing cohort learning group
  • Regular coaching calls with members of our PKT community
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