Accelerating Product Value

Do you want to learn how to accelerate the delivery of value using data-driven product management techniques? Our AVP course can help you navigate risks effectively, harness real-time data insights, and predict scope and release dates with accuracy.
In this course, you will master creating faster customer feedback loops while minimizing development time and costs. You will also dive deep into work item slicing techniques, optimizing batch sizes for streamlined workflows, and develop evolving roadmaps to navigate uncertainties confidently.
Additionally, you will learn how to master product data analysis, ensuring that your hypothesis tests are set correctly by distinguishing meaningful signals from irrelevant noise.

Course Details

Accelerate potential value delivery and manage market, financial, technology, quality, and delivery risk. After taking the course, you will have an opportunity to validate your understanding of product value with our online assessment that evaluates your knowledge and provides guidance on areas to improve. Upon passing, you will receive the “Product Value Acceleration” (PVA) certification and badge through Credly.


Use data to understand, in real-time, the probability of scope and release dates

Create faster customer feedback loops to enhance ROI

Slice work to reduce batch size

Identify and quantify product delivery risk

Analyze data to set hypothesis tests correctly by separating potential signal from noise


Managing Risk

Understanding Flow & Flow Metrics  

Work Item Slicing

Evolving Roadmaps

Probabilistic Forecasting

Leveraging Customer Feedback


The APV course is for anyone who owns the identification, prioritization, definition and delivery of customer product value

Typical attendee roles include Product Managers, Product Owners, VP's and Business Owners.

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