Creating Space
for Ego-less Conversations

It is our mission to ensure that people are at the heart of everything we do at In addition to creating a safe, inclusive space to learn we want to deconstruct the traditional hierarchy that promotes fear, silence, and insecurity.

We aim to build a strong community that lifts each other up by being humble, encouraging, and respectful and holding each other to these norms.  We aim to create a space that welcomes the diversity of thoughts shaped by our individual cultures, backgrounds, experience, and personalities.

We believe that it is these differences that will continue to challenge us to innovate and discover new ways to solve hard problems together.

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Meet the PK Team!

The team behind is dedicated to supporting Kanban practitioners by providing an inclusive and safe space for learning and discussion​.

Colleen Johnson

Calling the Shots while Stirring the Pot — Your Sassy CEO and Cofounder

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Daniel Vacanti

Distilling Ideas with a side of Fine Whiskey — Your Spirited Cofounder!

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Prateek Singh

Unlocking Epiphany, One Brain at a Time — Your Director of Learning & Dev

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Janée McConnell

Keeping the Chaos Classy — Your Go-To Director of Community Operations

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Maria Malaniia

Spreading the Word, One Meme at a Time — Your Trusty Marketing Manager

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Honoring Contributions
Old and New

Kanban as we know it today began in 2006 with the work of a team at Corbis whose members included Darren Davis, Dominica Degrandis, Mark Grotte, Larry Cohen, Rick Garber, and Steven Weiss. However, many on this original team will tell you that the practices they used were not an overnight success. Pivoting the format of stand up, visualizing blockers, and setting clear priorities were all the result of ongoing experimentation and what Davis calls, “an Agile mind.”

Our community values prominently featuring the names of those who have provided ideas, content, and contributions to  We want to establish a culture of open-source learning, open-attribution, and always giving credit where credit is deserved. This also means making space for new contributions, stories, and learning from the community.  If you have a story or article to share please email us at


LeanAgile US

A small group of practitioners gathered with some wine and whiskey to brainstorm what a new Kanban community could look like.


The Kanban Guide

The Kanban Guide was published by Daniel Vacanti and John Coleman and has since been translated in over a dozen languages.


Launched first course

The first version of Applying Professional Kanban was delivered by Daniel Vacanti and continues to evolve.


Kanban for Everyone

Our first interview focused on Kanban for Marketing teams and new episodes are regularly posted to YouTube.