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Why learn with ProKanban?

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1. Simple

Our  classes break down complex ideas into simple, digestible concepts, ensuring a smooth and straightforward learning experience for everyone.

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2. Practical

Each of our classes is designed with practicality in mind, providing hands-on exercises and tools that you can immediately apply to your daily workflow for instant improvement.

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3. Relevant

Stay ahead in your industry with our  classes, where we focus on the most relevant and up-to-date practices, ensuring your skills are aligned to current market demands.

Visualize, manage and continuously improve your workflow

Kanban is the key skill teams need to drive efficient, effective, and predictable value delivery


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Kanban for Everyone

ProKanban.org is a community dedicated to creating a safe, diverse, and inclusive space where everyone can learn about Professional Kanban

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Industry expert trainers

Our courses are taught by industry-leading experts, ensuring you receive top-tier, professional guidance and insights from those who have mastered their craft in a real-world business environment.

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Up-to-date course content

Our courses undergo regular reviews and updates to reflect the latest industry trends, ensuring you always receive the most current and relevant training in the ever-evolving business landscape.

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Diverse learning community

Our vibrant community connects member from across the globe, creating a dynamic learning environment where we can share our journeys, insights, and experiences, enriching the learning experience for everyone.

What our students say about us

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"APK is more than the course name, its the challenge many of us face with putting Kanban system concepts into practice with our teams. The course provided a solid yet easy to understand approach to the core metrics and ideas of Kanban. Excited to put these into practice immediately with my teams."

Colin Robinson
Attended APK with Jim Sparks
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Certification Professional Kanban I successful after having followed the training of Louis-Philippe Carignan and Pawel Mysliwiec. Thank you gentlemen for all your advice and all the information you have given me !!

Frédéric Roustan
Attended APK with Louis-Phillppe Carignan
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“Excellent engagement for a virtual course. There was a lot of simulations which allowed you to practice the concepts immediately and build your expertise in the classroom.”

Lauren Dowzard
Attended APK with JP Bayley & Jose Casal
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“The training gave me great insight into professional Kanban. What stood out for me was the use of metrics and the trainers explained them in way that intriguing. The trainers also used games which made it more fun and practical, an experience that will stick with me.”

Nchimunya Kanbunda
Attended APK with Jennifer Steelman
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“This is a win-win combination at its best - Great course content delivered by an awesome trainer.  Nagesh's course was full of interesting myth-busters, valuable information about Kanban basics and metrics, multiple practical scenario based cases and use of liberating structures thereby making it a great learning experience. I went out of the course with new learnings and discoveries that I can apply on the job immediately.”

Sachin Panaskar
Attended APK with Nagesh Sharma
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