How Can Active Management Transform Your Workflow?

How Can Active Management Transform Your Workflow?


At the heart of any successful workflow lies the philosophy of active engagement and continuous improvement. It's not merely about setting up a system and watching it run; it's about being an integral part of that system, constantly seeking ways to refine and enhance it. This approach requires a deep understanding of the work in progress and a commitment to making adjustments as necessary to avoid bottlenecks and ensure a smooth flow of work.

My journey with Kanban has taught me that the secret to a truly optimised workflow lies in active management. This involves not just recognising when things are going awry but taking decisive action to correct course. Whether it's addressing a pile-up of work, resolving blocked tasks, or adjusting the volume of work in progress, the goal is always to maximise value delivery and maintain a sustainable pace.

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Key topics we explored include:

  • Active Workflow Management: The cornerstone of Kanban, ensuring that participants are not merely bystanders but active drivers of the workflow.
  • Managing Work in Progress (WIP): Balancing the workload to prevent overburdening any part of the system and avoiding bottlenecks.
  • Addressing Work Pile-up: Identifying and resolving pile-ups promptly to maintain a steady flow of work.
  • Resolving Blocked Items: Taking immediate action to unblock tasks and keep the workflow moving.
  • Continuous Improvement of Workflow: Regularly reviewing and adjusting the workflow to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

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